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Intelligent Content Capture

Laserfiche enables you to work smarter and more effectively with industry-leading intelligent capture tools that help create a central, searchable place for all your organization’s content. Unlock valuable information buried in your documents with capture tools that process high volumes of content, extract data and automatically organize files.
Elevate the Customer Experience

Laserfiche modernize how you capture customer information with a convenient, digital-first approach.

Extract Data Automatically

Laserfiche recognize and extract data to populate line-of-business applications and drive business processes forward.

Reclaim Time Spent Filing

Laserfiche instantly sort, name, route and file captured documents based on the information contained within them.

Laserfiche Cloud Comparison and Pricing

Accomplish More with Automated Processes

Laserfiche Empower stakeholders across your organization to optimize department-level processes with powerful citizen-developer automation tools that don’t require code. Take on everyday business challenges with a drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code process automation platform that allows you to deploy solutions quickly, without the need for additional IT resources.
Accelerate Digital Transformation

Low-code/no-code process automation in Laserfiche lets teams adapt to changing needs and realize digital transformation faster.

Gather Business Process Insights

Laserfiche Identifes areas for improvement and inform strategic decisions with preconfigured analytics reports and custom reporting tools.

Robotic Process Automation

Get information to stakeholders when they need it and gather approvals quickly in Laserfiche as part of an automated process.

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